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Do you want to learn the top alternative electricity sources that can be used to run your home? It is now possible to easily build your own renewable energy system at home, such as your own solar or wind turbine power system. They are possible to build using very simple and cheap materials that can be found easily and for less than $200, possibly even for $100 only. Not only have I used them to reduce my reliance on commercial electricity and saving lots of money with it, I am also conserving the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse emissions into the air.

1. Using Solar Energy as an Alternative Electricity Source

If your home's roof is not blocked by any other tall buildings or trees, you can put solar panels on top of your house roof and harness the solar power that falls on it every day. With this energy, the first and most common use is to use it to heat water first since it does not require any conversion processes. More importantly, you can actually build an internal system that converts this power into electricity that can be used to run the electrical appliances in your house.

2. How Can You Make Your Solar Panel System Convert Energy Into Electricity for Home Use?

This type of system is what I learned to build from an online guide I downloaded. Even though it may be a little bit more complicated to build, the benefits of being able to cut my power bills by more than 70% was well worth the time and effort to learn it. Once there is sufficient steam created from the solar energy, it can be fed into a compressor that subsequently spins a motor to create electricity. On top of this system alone, I have also made a rechargeable battery storage system that stores all the excessive electricity generated for use only when necessary.

3. Are There Any Other Good Alternative Electricity Sources?

Other than solar, another great form of renewable energy to harness is wind. This can be done by constructing easy-to-make wind turbines and windmills.

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Top Alternative Electricity Sources

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This article was published on 2010/03/30