The Electricity

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The Electricity

  We have heard of electricity since our childhood.We can not imagine our comforts without electricity.The world will come to a stand still with out this.We can know how essential is electricity in our daily activities.By applying electrical force to our body and mind we can go forward to a greater height and achive our dreams and goals.

Mental electricity-We can produce electricity in our  mind and with that electrical power we can achive everything in our lives.By making the mind one pointed and stopping it's distractions we can produce a great deal of electricity.The nature of water is to flow down ward,but if it is obstructed then it produces tremendous power, which we call electricity.Simillarly if we can stop the distractions of our mind, then a great amount of power will be generated by us and with that power we can do anything and everything and achive our dreams and hopes.Mind has the tremendous capacity, if it becomes one pointed and applied to any field of activity.There is guarented success, if our mind is focused and is one pointed.To stop the distractions of our mind and focus it on a single bit of activity  number of techniques are developed like daily meditation,yoga,excercise,prayers etc.

Body electricity-Inside our body a tremendous electricity is produced,so that with out our knowledge a great number of activities are going on keeping us healthy and fresh all the time.This body electricity should act in a balanced manner.For this we should provide the body proper diet in time and perform daily body excercises in the morning and evening,which will keep our body parts alert and active and there will be a uniform flow of power to each part of our body  keeping us youthful all the time.Mind has a great effect on our body.If we are mentally strong,focussed and concentrated then our body parts will act perfectly and we will feel enthusiastic and elevated and carry out our work in a smooth manner.Body electricity makes us active and alive and we feel fresh all the time inspite of hard work and daily worries and anxieties.For this we should keep our body perfect by giving it good diet and performing daily bodily excercises and taking care of it for any abnormal symptoms.

Nerve electricity-Our nerves are guided by electrical forces and they carry out impulses to different parts of our body and accordingly we make our work smooth and better.We should see that the  nerves are provided with good diets by our thinking of positive thoughts all the time.By our thought processes we can keep our nerves strong and they will work in an orderly manner and we can carry out all the works in  smoothly .These nerves are sustained by mental electricity and therefore we should be very strong mentally and see that a greater degree of electricity is generated in our body and mind daily.

Brain electricity-our brain has the capacity to produce a huge amount of electricity and it can light the entire planet.We can take the example of Aeinstein.He by his theory gave light to the entire man kind.The scientists have greater capacity to hold electrical power and there fore they are able to produce astounding results.All the great achivers develop their capacity to hold a greater power so as to hold a greater amount of electricity ,which will help them to think better than an ordinary human being and there by achive extraordinary things in life.Our brain can be beautiful by our thought processes and by thinking holy,pure and positive thoughts we can have a tremendous brain capacity and achive many things in life.We should remember that a chaste brain has a greater capacity than an ordinary human  brain.To keep our brain chaste all the time we should develop  our power to think only positive thoughts all the time.

Thought electricity-Thoughts govern our actions.They have the capacity to produce electricity in our body and mind.In order to think the thoughts of power on regular basis we should perform mental gymnasium and daily bodily excercises and feed our mind with holy thoughts from Bible,Bhagavat Geeta,Holy Koran etc.If our thoughts are strong,then our body and mind can run parelal and there will be a greater co-ordination in all the activities of our life and we can very soon actualise our dreams and hopes.

The need of the hour-It is our duty to see that our body,mind,nerves and brain do not loose the capacity to produce electricity.If they loose power, then there will be a retardation in our path of progress.For this we should develop our own strategy and see that how best we can develop orderliness of body and mind so as to carry out our work sincerely and perfectly.We should perform daily yoga,meditation,prayers etc to keep us alive,perfect and fresh all the time.

Electricity flows everywhere.It is we how we can use it to do our daily tasks and take it's advantage to achive our dreams and hopes.The consciousness inside the brain and outside the brain are one and the same.We should have the capacity to generate a greater degree of consciousness in the form of electricity, so as to develop a greater vision to do our works perfectly and achive all the things we want in life.

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The Electricity

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This article was published on 2010/09/26