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See, at the moment you’re at the receiving end. However not matter how hard you try, you're just barely able to keep your electricity bills within your budget.

Every month the utilities slapped your electricity bills with astronomical figures. And you had to cough up the money, sometimes even pulling together whatever little you had set aside to enjoy a dinner outside with your family. You've come to my site because I'm going to show you how to put an end to this.. once and for all!

You’ll be fre to set your own charter in the domain of electricity! If this sounds absolutely sensational, I want you to spend 5 minutes to read this message and discover, for yourself, how YOU can make the most out of this opportunity to dwarf the utilities and take full control of your electricity requirements!

First, let me tell you why I decided to tread this path that is monopolized by engineers and fuel moguls. After the oil crisis struck the globe and fuel prices started escalating uncontrollably, utilities all across the US were mindlessly declaring higher tariffs. The Federal Government restructured the electricity sector and allowed the utilities to set their own terms of business. And that was like giving them the license to kill!

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Like most average homeowners, I was finding it difficult to meet almost $1000 yearly electricity bills. I had to ‘force’ my family to live in almost stone-age lifestyle by drastically cutting down electricity use.

I had to look beyond the conventional. To find something that’s convenient, cheap and complication-free and something that would address my energy needs. What I needed was a mechanism to generate my very own electricity to meet at least 100% of my own needs, so that any extra juice could then be returned to the grid in exhange for cash!

Tough challenge though, but I believe in the old saying, "If there's a will, there's a way!"

Now I wouldn't consider myself a complete 'disaster' when it comes to doing handy-man work nor am I entirely new to the idea of using solar cells as I have done some dedicated reading up before. I had a basic concept already planned out but it was only rough sketches, papers and notes.

I went to picked up some common items from the local garage and the plumbing store and assembled this mass of wood, glass, solar cells, wiring, duct tape, batteries and other materials to tap energy from the sun and use it to generate electricity in my own backyard.

At the time it was collecting UV energy from the sun and storing it in custom 12 volt batteries. You should have seen this baby work! 8 hours of solar exposure to charge the batteries had powered my laptop 3 days in a row!

The next challenge was to actually take this little system and SAFELY connect it up to my household meter. This is actually easier than you think and with the help of a qualified electrician over-looking my shoulder I had managed to connect the system up to my meter and make it run backwards!

For the first quarter with this setup, the first electricity bill that I got swiped me off my feet. I could NOT believe my eyes. My new total due was: $2.71! Earlier I used to run up anything close to $120+. Compared to past few months’ average, my consumption was up 7 units but my electricity bill was slashed by more than 90%. That was purely DIVINE!

The countdown has started. The doors to a new world are open right before your eyes. It’s a cleaner world, a greener world where your child can breathe easily and lead a healthier life. It’s a world where electricity utilities don’t chase you with sky-high electricity bills. It’s a world where you accrue amazing savings on electricity bills month after month.

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Ez Earthenergy Review

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Ez Earthenergy Review

This article was published on 2011/12/25