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In order to find the cheapest electricity supplier and compare electricity suppliers you need your postcode, the name of your electricity supplier and the name of the energy tariff you are on. In addition you would need to know how much electricity you use each year so take a look at your last couple of energy bills to find out usage. The more accurate your estimate of usage the more accurate the results will be when you compare the electricity suppliers. You'll need the following.

Your postcode. Where you live will affect which electricity companies you'll be able to switch to in order to find the cheapest electricity supplier in your area.
How much energy you use how much money you can save switching electricity supplier will depend on how much electricity you use. This can be worked out by looking at your last couple of electricity bills.

Obviously consumers want to find the cheapest electricity supplier however as well as looking at the cost of your new electricity supplier you may want to find out how well it looks after its customers by looking at customer service ratings.

You may also be interested in an electricity supplier that is more green by looking at how it generates electricity. Some suppliers offer green energy tariffs however these may not be the cheapest electricity supplier.

Once you have chosen the cheapest electricity supplier in your local area your switch to the new supplier of your choice will be arranged. You will need to give your existing and new electricity suppliers a meter reading.

The most common types of electricity meters are single- rate digital meters variable rate digital meters and dial meters.

Your electricity supply number: Your new electricity supply number will work with your existing meter and cabling. In order to switch electricity supplier you will need your meter point administration number (MPAN) also known as your supply number. This unique number identifies the meter at your property.

You can find your MPAN on your electricity bill. Your supply number will normally be shown on your bill using a large S. All that is needed is the bottom row of numbers (13 digits) to ensure that your switch happens as smoothly as possible.
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You are now able to switch by finding the cheapest electricity supplier in your area. Switch energy supplier today and save!

Cheapest electricity supplier

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Cheapest Electricity Supplier

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This article was published on 2010/12/20